10 Aug

Summer closing 2018

Like every year, a part of our employees is on holiday from Saturday 11 to Sunday 26 August 2018.

During this period it will not be possible to assist you via telephone, but our technical staff is always at work to solve any problem both from a technical and commercial point of view. It is therefore possible to make any order from the site or request technical or commercial assistance in the following ways:

Support ticket (the fastest system)
Through this link you can open a ticket for technical or commercial assistance.
Our staff will answer you as soon as possible depending on the priority or urgency assessed.
To accelerate the time, if you are already our customer, open the ticket logged in your account.
Go to our Facebook page and send us a message.
We will reply as soon as possible
Telephone message
Call the number +39 06 83393633 and leave a message at the end of the announcement with your name, phone number and reason for the call.
One of our technicians, if deemed appropriate, will call you directly as soon as possible or will reply via e-mail (if you are already our customer)

Purchase of MBSoft products:
During the closing period of the offices it will not be possible to send new licenses with a new cryptobox key. If you make a purchase, the license key will be sent to you on Monday, August 27th.
No problem for updates, upgrades, video plugins and additional licenses on existing keys.
The order will normally be processed within 48 hours via email.

MBSoft support
Support for MBSoft products (MBStudio and MBRecaster) will normally resume on Monday 27 August.
In case of URGENT problems you can open a support ticket explaining the problem very well. One of our technicians will try to help you by answering the ticket or (if deemed necessary) to communicate an appointment for a possible support in remote assistance.

We remind you that our webfarm technicians are always active 24 hours a day for the entire closing period.
As always, in the case of a technical problem at the streaming or hosting services level, we suggest you to follow our information page regarding technical disruptions:

It is likely that in the event of a real failure of a component of our structure, on this page you will already find all the information on the problem and the resolution times foreseen.

Happy holiday !

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