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Transcoder Server: Add Streaming flows

Our transcoder server allow you to add one or more media streams with different characteristics from one single stream already present.

Using a transcoder is useful in case of lack of upload bandwidth or difficult to use multiple encoders at the same time for the same channel.

Buy our Server Transcoder

The prize for each transcoder is 8.33 € per month + VAT.

Possible transformations:

MP3  —> MP3/OGG /AAC+


The bit rate output can be set as you want, but it must be equal to or less original.

A typical use of transcoding can be dedicated to those who buy the widget for Android or Iphone and already have a streaming shoutcast 128k.

Without adding another encoder, we can turn one server slot 128k in a stream in 32k AAC +, ideal for listening on mobile devices.

Our server transcoder can also be hired if you use Shoutcast and Icecast servers of other streaming providers.


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