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MB Studio Video Plug-in

MB STUDIO allows the reproduction of video files through the purchase of an optional Video plugin. The Video function can be added to MB STUDIO HOME or LITE or PRO.

With the video plugin you can schedule video files anywhere in MB STUDIO / MB SPOT with the same characteristics as the audio files. A video file can also be programmed in Voice Outro, Voice Track, Voice Intro mode and is reproduced with audio and video superimposed on the file that is on the air (as in the picture above).

The video output is directed to an independent window, adjustable in size, expandable to full screen, captured by external applications and encoders.

It is possible to set the display of titles and the logo and capture the video of a webcam.


Being the first version released the plugin for now does not allow some functions (which can be done by remoting OBS STUDIO):

  • transitions and video effects
  • transparency in the titles or in the logo
  • title logo and background support .bmp or .jpg images (does not support .png for now)
  • does not encode the video for the internet and it is therefore necessary an external encoder such as

Technical features of the video plugin:

  1. play video files .avi .mov .flv .mkv .mp4 .m4v
  2. overlay picture in picture for voice outro, voice track, voice intro
  3. webcam support
  4. display logo and titles
  5. management of replacement videos to play when a file without video is on air
  6. send commands to external programs like OBS Studio to perform video transitions, recall scenes, display texts and pictures and many other features

The video plugin requires the installation of the klite codecs

Streaming Video Promotion

With the purchase of the Video plug-in for MB Studio you will have 1 free month of streaming video on our Wowza Streaming Engine platform with 25 slots up to 1500 kbs (HD quality) or 50 slots up to 800 kbs (HQ quality).

At the end of the promotion you can confirm your video server with 30% discount on all plans up to 200 slots (even for just a month).


For all versions of MB Studio from 8.60

License update on cryptobox key via email

€ 290/+ VAT

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