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MB Studio Cloud Radio Automation

MB Studio Cloud Radio Automation is the new way to use the full power of MBStudio without having a dedicated computer and an ADSL line performance to ensure the functioning of their radio 24 hours 24.

What we offer to start?

✔ Instance online Windows preconfigured and optimized with MBStudio PRO installed to perfection

✔ Server to start with 100 slots (contemporary listeners) up to 192k


Disk space: 40 GB

Licenses MBStudio: 1

Licenses installed: 1

€ 95/month + VAT


Disk space: 90 GB

Licenses MBStudio: 1

Licenses installed: 2

€ 125/month + VAT


Disk space: 190 GB

Licenses MBStudio: 1

Licenses installed: 4

€ 179/month + VAT

MB Studio Cloud Features

  • Servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 pre-configured and optimized for MBStudio
  • Disk space from 40/90/190 Gigabyte for your audio files
  • No Hardware: the server is virtualized on our Cloud. This means 0 (zero) chance to stop or loss of your data. SLA of 99.99%
  • 1 or more licenses MBStudio PRO included in the monthly fee to be installed on the same server (up to 4 channels simultaneously)
  • Shoutcast or Icecast server 2 2 with 50 slots included (up to 192 kbs)
  • Maintenance and updating of MBStudio included in rental and performed regularly by our technicians.
  • Pre-configuration streaming services to our servers or those of another supplier
  • 1 audio processor 5 bands of high quality already configured.
  • Access via Remote Desktop software (available for Windows and Mac)
  • LIVE connection options for live programs via MBLIVE (of a product)

How MB Studio Cloud work

  • Every time you connect to your remote server with the Remote Desktop software, you feel like you are in front of a computer windows in all respects with the PRO version of MBStudio up and running.
  • With the service also includes an FTP account on the server disk to easily transfer your audio files. All programming classic MBStudio (playlist, rotations music, file management casual MBSpot etc etc) can be made directly on the remote server when you’re offline. If you want to do all the directing of each audio file using the full power of the editor of MBStudio (start, end, intro, outro, retransmissions, genre etc. etc.) you can install on your local PC DEMO version of MBStudio; do all the directing on files and then transfer them to the remote server already tagged. On Cloud MBStudio you find yourself all pointings made by you in the local as soon as you import the file into the system.
  • MBStudio Cloud comes in 4 different versions. You can switch at any time from a lower to a higher version without having to reinstall anything, and in a few minutes. Everything from.

Additional costs

  • MBStudio additional license: € 29 per month (for Medium and Large)
  • BackUp Automatic: from € 14.99 per month (daily backup of your files and the server configuration)
  • Telephone technical support prepaid MBStudio (relating to the use of the program and its functions): 50 € / hour
  • MBCloud can integrate with any plan streaming Shoutcast or Icecast, in addition to the basic plan included in the package.
  • All plans include streaming a license to use our HTML5 player play5

Do you want to try MBStudio Cloud?

For you a simple, professional and fully equipped solution.

Nothing computer to keep lit 24 hours a 24, no problem due to ADSL underperforming. All your radio is on Cloud, with the power of MBStudio. And you can go on the air live when you want through MBLIVE.

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