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WOWZA Media Server: Streaming Live Video in H.264

With our server WOWZA Video can equip your WebTV with the most advanced technology for the Live Streaming.

Streaming video app: a single stream in H.264 is compatible for all browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Android and BlackBerry for streaming high definition video. Your journey into the world of streaming video starts at 15 € per month.

The server based on the platform Video Wowza streaming web TV Wowza Streaming Engine and comes with a control panel complete with:

  • Wowza server settings
  • Quick links for different readers of Streaming
  • HTML5 player to be included in the pages of your site (it works on fixed and mobile platforms, Chrome olso)
  • HTML5 player and streaming flow available in SSL (Https streaming)
  • Traffic Statistics historical server
  • Statistics in real time of connected users with geolocation
  • AutoDJ Video (on option – see the product EASY TV)
  • Video On Demand (on option – see the product EASY VOD)

The service can be configured in different bitrate to depending on the needs of video quality:

  • 400 kbs – For a low resolution quality but accessible from mobile devices
  • 1000 kbs – For a HQ quality standards equivalent to a normal television flow
  • 2000 kbs – For HD quality videos
  • 4000 kbs – For a quality FULL HD video

You can send the video stream using any encoder that supports Wowza streaming server.

We recommend the following free software:

  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder (Encoder single input, Windows and Mac)
  • OBS (Director Full Video for Windows and Mac)
  • GoCoder (To broadcast LIVE by Smartphone (iOS and Android)



Minimum 50 slot

Bitrate up to:
400 kbs

480 x 270 px

from € 15/month


Minimum 50 slot

Bitrate up to:
1000 kbs

640 x 360 px

from € 25/month


Minimum 50 slot

Bitrate up to:
2000 kbs

1280 x 720 px

from € 60/month


Minimum 25 slot

Bitrate up to:
4000 kbs

1920 x 1080 px

from € 70/month

Wowza Streaming Engine is perfect for streaming services Audio and Video ON DEMAND:

Ability to publish content in H.264 / ACC media content (.mp4, .m4a) and MP3 content (.mp3).

Unique platform for all browsers, readers, mobile phones and all devices present and future.

Excellent audio and video quality even at low bit rates.

Low latency (2 or 3 seconds to Max, Flash Media Encoder)

Wowza Streaming Engine is the best video & ausio platform available on the market and is the most widely used in the world.

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