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TuneIn API Support: Integration for the TuneIn API

Increase the number of listens on your Internet radio station with our TuneIn API support.

TuneIn is the largest and most important radio directory in the world. Being on TuneIn means significantly improving and increasing the number of listens on your Internet radio station.

If you want your radio station to be actively present in their directory in order to really increase the number of listeners, in addition to recording on the TuneIn website, you have to send their system information about the artist and the title of music your are broadcasting.

If your automation software does not support data sending to TuneIn (such as with the PRO version of MBStudio, which has this service already built-in) you can use our TuneIn API support service for an additional monthly charge to your streaming plan. The service is also available for those who are not registered for a Newradio streaming service.

The service works with Shoutcast 1, Shoutcast 2 and Icecast servers.

Buy TuneIn API Support and increases your Internet radio station's ratings!

TuneIn API Support costs 5 € per month + VAT with the following table of discounts for a contract of 3/6/12 months

1 € 5 + VAT


€ 14.25 + VAT 5%


27 € + VAT 10%


51 € + VAT 15%


The service works only if any metatags Artist – Title of the flow stream. Failing that you can show us the link to a text file (.txt) sent by your Director Automatic on your site (many automation software enable this feature). If you are not sure, verify the feasibility of the service with our customer service before purchase.

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