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Radio iPhone Android and Windows Phone App for your Streaming

android_ios_windows_appletvWe create the App for Iphone, Ipad, Android and Windows Phone to listen to your radio or web radio on all smartphones.

A single-channel and multi-channel version.

Numerous functions (such as song title,  broadcast links to your site, onair cover, mail, embedded page facebook, embedded page twitter ) and numerous add-on.

Works in MP3 or AAC +: outstanding sound quality with minimum amount of data consumption for the listener.

From 99 € + VAT.

IPhone Apps


Windows Phone Apps



One stream

for your radio on


€ 99/€


Up to 10 different streams

€ 129/€


  • NEW!
  • Your radio on Apple Tv

With the App you can listen the stream on one or more channels.

In all versions there included:

  • graphic design and publication of the widget Apple Computer, Inc, Android and Windows Phone Market;
  • control panel for web statistics and management of additional functions (banner).

The adaptation of widgets to major upgrades of the operating system from Apple, Android or Windows Phone (if needed) will cost ‘one-off’ of € 50 for each widget.

The App comprises:

  • the station logo or the site
  • the built-in player streams with possibility of start, stop and volume (in case of multiplayer every different channel can be selected shaking his logo on the screen and selecting it)
  • title of the song on the air
  • on air cover
  • effect blur background
  • mail
  • social sharing
  • embedded facebook page
  • emebdded twitter page
  • brief description of the radio
  • long description for the market
  • link to the website of the radioSms (No Apple Tv)
  • sms (No Apple Tv)
  • whatsapp (No Apple Tv)
  • mail


There are several plug-in to expand the potential of the App.

Contact us

Plug-in Available

ON-AIR Image
Interfaced with your direction automatic, plug-in displays, in addition to the title song on the air, even a picture (program, cover, artist, etc etc)
Embedded E-Mail
Send an email message to a predetermined address, without exiting the program (for example, to send a message to the live conductors)
Embedded SMS
Send an SMS message to a phone number preset without exiting the program.
Podcast Feed
Displays and allows you to listen to audio podcasts elements (to interface with the service’s own website Podcast
Advanced management of banner ads within your widget. All managed by a dedicated control panel in your customer area.
Feed RSS
The plugin opens a page where you can view one or more RSS feeds specified by you with any news in sync with your site.
Facebook e Twitter
The plugin updates the state by publishing the name of the song you’re listening to with the link to the radio.
Push Message (currently only on IOS)
Sends PUSH messages to those who have the application installed
HD Version (only Iphone / Ipad)
Installing it on the Ipad graphics are native to its resolution.
The plugin removes the reference to the developer.


The stream may be coming from our server or from other providers:

Stream in AAC + up to 64kbs for exceptional audio quality at low bit rates.

Stream mp3 mono or stereo with a maximum bit rate of 128 Kbits.

We recommend a stream aac + 32 or 48 kbs

Newradio offers for free the first year a Shoutcast server with 25 slots to 32k AAC + for all those who order at least one App.

In case of inability to send an additional stream we offer our service to Transcoder discounted at 5 € per month (transform your MP3 stream into a stream aac + 32k).


The implementation times ranging from 5 to 15 days for the final approval of Apple, Android and Windows Phone Market.

Material to be supplied by the customer for the construction:

  • logo Wireless dimensions 1024X1024 px (PNG or JPG) (if multiplayer a logo for each channel)
  • the name of the App (not contain the words Apple and Iphone)
  • a brief description of the radio to be included in the widget to a maximum of 200 characters ( 80 for android app).
  • a presentation of the widgets that appear on Apple store or Android Market

the link reference

the direct link to each stream.

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