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MB Studio: Software for Director Radio Automation

MB Studio is a automatically complete software to manage your radio or web radio easily and fully customizable. And one of the most powerful and versatile software available on the market and does not need the least of any knowledge of programming languages scripting (PAL) to manage the program.

MB Studio is native for Windows, but it works perfectly on the Mac via Parallels Desktop.

For each license purchased of MBStudio, include 1 free streaming service Shoutcast or Icecast for one month (100 slot up to 192k).


Installation Downloads

USB dongle Crypto Box

Technical assistance: 1 hour

Free streaming with Shoutcast or Icecast server hosting (up to 192kb / 100 contemporary listeners): 30 days

Shipping and Delivery: 48 to 72 working hours

€ 249/+ VAT


Installation Downloads

USB dongle Crypto Box

Technical assistance: 1 hour

Free streaming with Shoutcast or Icecast server hosting (up to 192kb / 100 contemporary listeners): 30 days

Shipping and Delivery: 48 to 72 working hours

€ 349/+ VAT


nstallation Downloads

USB dongle Crypto Box

Technical assistance: 1 hour

Free streaming with Shoutcast or Icecast server hosting (up to 192kb / 100 contemporary listeners): 30 days

Shipping and Delivery: 48 to 72 working hours

€ 750/+ VAT

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Descrizione di MB Studio 8

MBSTUDIO 8 is a powerful software for automatic radio direction. The audio player is very fast, has an automatic audio level and a compressor and supports all the most ‘common audio linear and / or compressed (WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC) .

The new graphic interface allows easy access to all functions, both during use in direct manual or automatic mode. The music archive imports songs from hard disk or CD cataloging them with dozens of parametric then allow the creation of playlists and music targeted clock.

MBSTUDIO is very flexible and it can adapt to the music schedules of any issuer. The voice track allows the superimposition of vocal tracks on music, recreating, for the listener the sensation of a live program and to this end they do not forget automatic announcements of the title song on the air, the exact time, date and even the weather.

Commercial programming handles all contractual deadlines (start date, end, choice of weekdays, programming days and / or every other week, exclusion from public holidays, etc) and allows you to set time limits advertising crowding and / or daily; the same type of programming is also applicable to information events, headings and / or programs.

Full support for external contributions from satellite. In fact, you can connect to MBSTUDIO professional satellite receivers supplied by numerous agencies or sindacations, synchronizing the broadcast live or recorded content to disk for deferred transmissions. When grants come from the internet, you are using the download very evolved that automatically downloads any file and in case of failure of the download is used an address or a replacement file thus avoiding ‘unpleasant surprises at the time of broadcast.

The legal obligation of the compilation of the register station is perfectly done by MBSTUDIO in real time; In fact, in the programming of sequences hourly and / or playlist you can define the title, the type and content type (generic advertising ‘, generic information or local); few parameters allow the generation of daily “register of programs broadcast” containing detailed real data per second; Statistics are also available daily or periodic totals Advertising ‘and / or information transmitted. The PRO version also stores the audio transmitted in a continuous cycle for 90 days.

The interaction with the audience is assured by SMS and email integrated: all messages are stored with possibility ‘to create an address book and send mailing list also automatically; but the highlight is the jukebox called Musicline through which listeners can program a song simply by sending an SMS or an email containing the interpreter and the title, also written in part; MBSTUDIO automatically handles the request, make sure that the programming track complies with the rules set up by music and then inserts it into playlists communicating listener the time when refilling will transmitted or why can not ‘be transmitted. No code or number to type. Musicline jukebox is a really easy to use! And do not miss the courtesy service “Title” that sends a message to the listener with the titles of the last songs played.

The software automatically directed MBSTUDIO 8 is ready for webcasting: the integrated encoder allows the transmission over the Internet using Windows Media, Shoutcast, Icecast with statistics and real-time updating of its website with the display of the playlist currently airing, including the image of the album cover or photo interpreter; you can also see the latest e-mail messages / SMS.

Surely no one thinks that a computer can substitute for an animator radio show, yet the quality of the synthetic voices is constantly changing and it becomes credible use for reading short texts, to play live or to the announcement of songs wave; however you think, with MBSTUDIO it is possible to use synthetic voices in major world languages.

MBSTUDIO can ‘work in a single desktop computer, a network of computers, or configuring client / server; It does not require dedicated hardware and supports both the consumer and professional audio cards interface through asio.

MB Studio 8 Features



  • Plays audio files like WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, and MPC CD AUDIO
  • Sounds through the audio system WASAPI 32-bit high quality ‘or’ MBStudio Mix “for systems without soundcard
  • Audio compressor and volume control in real time to a constant modulation and support of external DSP plugin
  • Automatically skip any “silences” sound at the beginning / end of each file
  • Check how to play (loop, no loop, background, voice track), volume, mixing of each event
  • PFL on all events, with support for 2 sound cards or sound cards with multiple outputs
  • Compatible with any sound card running under Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • VOICE TRACK automatic functions or overlapping voice of music and no need ‘editing
  • It manages 4 audio inputs for external sources (example: satellites – ISDN codec – Translators phone – external mixer) and detects no sound from the external source
  • Sync to sync satellite receivers with start / stop via toggle bit



  • Create a database that stores all the music tracks in the hard drive and allows easy search for a particular title, artist, genre, year, language, date of insertion, number of plays, duration and other parameters
  • It’s possible to impose a minimum distance between the steps of each artist or song
  • It’s possible to preview any song, or delete, copy or move one or more songs
  • The songs are displayed with different background colors depending on the language (green for the Italian songs, blue for foreign ones), or with characters if blacks were heard recently, or green if they are rotating hitlist
  • Reads the tag or the data of the songs (title, artist, year, genre, intro, comment, cover and other parameters)
  • Capture audio tracks from CDs converting them to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC
  • Manages the choruses of songs to refrain, medley, hit in pills, etc etc
  • Anticipates the refrain of the song that will be sent after advertising



  • It allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists
  • Each playlist can include a variety of items such as song titles, preferences of songs to be selected on the basis of language, genre, year or other parameters, audio files from hard disk or local network, random files, external audio sources, live audio via the Internet, ads of the exact time or date, tracks from an audio CD, synthetic voices
  • You can specify the day and time of transmission of each playlist; repeat the currently playlist; to force the beginning of the playlist or make them wait until the end of the object that is currently on the air
  • Programming the music tour or casual
  • Automatic remote control of repetition of the same artist or the same title
  • Management hitlist … the music peaks of the moment can be forced on the air for a number of newspapers and steps up to a certain date
  • The jingles can be chosen at random by MB STUDIO and selected for typically the genre of the song that follows


  • Machine and Jingle Jingle Palette for easy play instant jingles or sound effects during live programs
  • Audio playback in multiple overlays with automatic fade
  • It manages the insertion of a live microphone or an external audio signal
  • Lists of jingles and customizable effects for each dj
  • Can repeat to the bitter end the INTRO part of a song


  • Time programming objects (commercials, news, programs, promotional programs by satellite, streaming channels)
  • The spots, so ‘as the news or address books or any other file can be loaded from files already’ existing on your computer or be recorded directly from a mixer or an external source connected to the PC sound card
  • Archiving of all advertising clients categorized by product category, address, tax information and notes. Once you add a new customer you can plan the number of steps daily, the calendar beginning and end of the contract, any rotations as the automatic time change automatically every day (example: today aired at 11:30, tomorrow at 12: 00, tomorrow at 12:30, and so on), the random change of position in the sequence mode (example: today the first, third tomorrow, the day after the last, and so on)
  • Each sequence has a title to be easily recognized (eg ADVERTISING ‘, NEWS, WEATHER, etc. etc.), can have a force (the scheduled time is immediately broadcast by cutting whatever is on the air at that time) or a normal priority (and thus we wait for the end of the object currently on the air) or a deadline (airs forcibly if the delay exceeds a certain number of minutes). And ‘possible to determine the maximum duration of a time sequence (Example: 3 minutes) and then MB SPOT will alert us if you exceed this limit by adding objects to the sequence
  • Programming news for single file or separate news on more ‘files and automatic insertion of acronyms and basic background


  • It receives streamed from the Internet in Windows Media format or Shoutcast
  • It streams over the Internet in Windows Media format, Shoutcast, Icecast
  • See the Windows Media Player the song title or program aired
  • Update website by posting the current playlist, and an image associated with the song or the program currently airing
  • Download files from the Internet automatically (eg, news or other sections), also zip or rar archives password protected
  • You can download files whose name changes daily
  • View the latest news via RSS feeds from the most interesting information sites


  • Receive, store and send SMS messages and Emails
  • Remote control with a simple text message or an Email
  • Send notifications by email or text message about the airing of an object or when fetch failed
  • It Includes Musicline, the fantastic interactive JukeBox that allows to broadcast a song automatically, with just sending an SMS with the track title
  • You can ‘send automatic replies to your listeners, by inserting an advertisement or slogan at the beginning of the message
  • Courtesy “Title”. By sending an SMS containing the word “title”, you receive a text message containing the list of the last songs played.


  • Use synthetic voices thanks to the compatibility of Windows SAPI 4:05
  • You can read a sentence or a text file
  • It can generate the ad the date, time or song title


  • It can automatically insert some ads that can be pre-recorded audio files or generated by synthetic voices
  • Announcement of the exact time. (Supplied free with the software or customizable)
  • Announcement of the current date. (Supplied free with the software or customizable)
  • Announcement of the song on the air


  • Automatically creates a log of the station according to the legal provisions in force
  • It manages the types required by law
  • It manages broadcasters requiring providences Publishing
  • Printing on continuous paper or single sheets and supports any printer
  • E ‘can adjust the font size
  • The PRO version keeps all audio transmitted in a continuous cycle of up to 180 days.

Requirements for use MB Studio 8


For general use, it is recommended an Intel or AMD CPU with a frequency of at least 2 GHz and 8 GB of RAM. Must have at least one PCI standard (for an internal sound card) of an RS232 serial port (If you intend to use the RDS encoder PIRA32). The case must be sufficiently ventilated and the oversized power supply for operation 24 hours 24. The minimum horizontal video resolution must be 1440 (best with 1920).


MB STUDIO works on Windows 10


MB STUDIO obviously requires at least a sound card, but to take advantage of the functions of cueing submit 2 sound cards or a professional sound card with 2 or more ‘outputs. The solution ‘common is the use of the sound card integrated on the motherboard for the functions of cueing, and a PCI card for the airing. Olso support an USB soundcard.

MB Studio 8 Licenses

Terms of the contract:

1) Use of Software: The end user has the right to install and use the software on each computer where it is connected to the USB dongle CryptoBox.

2) Copyright: The software MB STUDIO is an exclusive intellectual property of MB SOFT and is protected by Italian law on authors ‘(Law 663/1941, as amended), by the laws on authors’ contained in international treaties, and the laws in force in the country in which the Software is used. The structure, the ‘organization, the concept, the visual and code compilation of software constitute trade secret information for which the’ end user ‘s committed to processing software in the same way as any other intellectual work protected by the laws on d ‘author above. Moreover, the ‘user agrees not to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or discover the source code of the Software.

3) Transfer: And ‘forbidden to’ end-user of lease, sublicense, sell or transfer free of charge this Software and its documentation unless otherwise authorized by MB SOFT.

4) Limited Warranty: MB SOFT guarantees to ‘end user that the software functions substantially as described in the attached guide and signs posted on the site This guarantee is valid for ninety (90) days and to be able to use the ‘user must return the USB dongle CryptoBox to MB SOFT within the period of ninety (90) days. In the event the Software does not perform as warranted, the responsibility to MB SOFT and the ‘only remedy for the’ user will be to refund the price paid for the ‘purchase of the license’ to use the Software.

5) Exclusion of liability for damage: With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and regardless of the effectiveness of any remedy set forth herein, in no event MB SOFT be liable to the user for any special, consequential or indirect similar, including any loss of profits or data arising from the use or inability to use the software even if MB SOFT has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall responsibility of MB SOFT exceed the purchase price of the software.

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