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MB Recaster PRO: Streaming Recording and Encoding

MB Recaster PRO is the complete software of streaming recording and encoding.


Now you can use MB Recaster PRO to connect audio point-to-point low-latency in FULL DUPLEX (2-way audio).


Installation Downloads

USB dongle Crypto Box

Technical assistance: 1 hour

Free streaming with Shoutcast or Icecast server (up to 192 kb / 100 contemporary listeners): 30 days

Shipping and delivery time: 48 to 72 working hours

€ 130/+ VAT

Go in MB Recaster PRO

A simple, professional and fully equipped for you.

MB RECASTER is the new application “all in one”, performing functions normally achievable using many other software. In only program we find an audio recorder with scheduler dedicated, a transmission system for Webcasts that sends the signal to any Shoutcast, Icecast or Windows Media, a function that allows you to play files AutoDJ random from a list of 4 folders, a receiver URL that allows you to record any external audio stream or retransmit it to your server (transcoder), a converter of audio files from / to any format, and (surprise!) the free software including MBLive, you can establish an audio connection point- point low-latency and high quality in full duplex. MB RECASTER meets the needs of any user, it does not require complicated configurations and also allows non-experts to manage their own web radio from your Windows computer.



Warning! The new version of MBRecaster PRO is only available for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (does not work on Windows XP or lower).

MB Recaster PRO features

  • Capture audio from any sound card or stream Internet URL (Shoutcast, Icecast, Windows Media)
  • Auto DJ internal: sounds and mixes random files from four different folders. Automatically removes the silence at the beginning and end of track.
  • Supports plugins DSP for audio processing (AudioProc, XAP, Jammix, etc)
  • Send the final mix any ShoutCast servers, or Windows Media IceCast using up to 4 independent encoders that can read metadata from an external text file.
  • Support for MB Live (NEW): Allows you to connect with the free MBLive to connect audio point-to-point 2-way (roundtrip), low-latency using formats like MP3 or AAC +. Ideal to make direct connections to external study, radio links, links from study to study.
  • Recorder integrated 90 days: continuous recording up to 180 days with automatic deletion of files more ‘old.
  • Recording scheduler: You can program up to 255 entries that will be carried out automatically at the time, day and date set. Each recording can also be started or stopped by the external relays (card required Velleman K8055 USB)
  • When a recording ends, it can be automatically sent to an ftp server
  • It converts any audio files in these formats; MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, AAC, ACM. It will convert the entire file or a small portion.
  • Send email notifications when “there is no sound” or “connection lost”

Examples for use MB Recaster PRO

  • Radio Stations: can hold in memory the last 90 days of broadcast programs (with email notice if no sound input), cut out portions of programs already ‘registered and saved in separate files, schedule the recording of programs live must be replicated more ‘later (also automatically removing commercial breaks), connect the audio from a studio or outdoor location for a direct through MBLive, use it as a bridge to transfer the sound to a transmitter.
  • Radio stations Web: can generate up to 4 different streams format ShoutCast, Icecast, Windows Media. and ‘you can also use the way Windows Media Pull to broadcast on the Internet without the use of external servers. Automatic switching all’AutoDJ extension when there is no sound input. Possibility ‘to apply to signal a plugin DSP (audio processor) or as SoundSolution AudioProc, connect the audio from a studio or outdoor location for a direct through MBLive.
  • Amateur Radio stations: from your home PC, you can play music with the random AutoDJ and possibly superimpose their speeches spoken through the microphone (the music is automatically nuanced opening of the microphone)
  • Home Users: can monitor a remote room, leaving a microphone connected to the computer and listening to the stream in Windows Media Pull distance or scheduling automatic recordings to be automatically sent to an ftp server

Do you want to try MB Recaster?

Free download MB Recaster FREE for Windows.


Limitations of FREE Version:

✔ The Auto DJ is limited to one hour, and after this limit is reactivated manually.

✔ All recorded files / have converted the fixed name “Free Version”.

✔ “MB RECASTER” is appended to the title of the webcast stream.

✔ Functions FTP, Email, and TCP network services are disabled.

✔ The support MBLive is disabled.

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