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HTML5 Player

HTML5 player for your Webradio is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. It plays mp3, AAC+ (AACplus), OGG Vorbis, Opus, AAC, Flac e HLS streams.

It works in HTTPS with our https stream plans.

PLAY 5, Our HTML5 player, is a universal player to stream that is recognized by all browsers and operating systems, including iPhone, iPad, Android (version 4 +), Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Today also available the new Widget (optional additional fee) that display the latest songs 3/5/10 transmitted and the historic tracks up to 1 year back in time.

View page history of the tracks back in time (try to select a date).

Play5 is the only player that supports HTML5 our PROXY80. A system that allows you to use port 80 and then to bypass any corporate firewalls that normally block the streaming player. Proxy80 is optional: it cost from 5 € per month and is also available for those who do not have the streaming server with NEWRADIO.

If your streaming server is not on port 80… no problem with our HTML5 player and the option PROXY80 enabled’ll still have more potential listeners.


€ 5 + VAT/month


€ 9 + VAT/month


€ 29 + VAT/month

The service must be purchased for a minimum of 3 months

The Silver version of Play 5 is always included in all our plans for streaming audio

Main functions


Additional free features

Along with the html5 player is created an account on a panel of management control that allows you to dynamically control many functions including:

  • Name of radio
  • Skins (you can change the skin dynamically whenever you want from those available basic)
  • Background color of the skin and the text
  • Autoplay (Yes / No)
  • initial volume
  • PopUp button (Yes / No)
  • Url Social Network (The website address of the radio)
  • Charge or change the default logo of your radio (which appears in the absence of the covers).

Any change will take effect immediately on your player html5 published and if you change the skin and its size you will always have the HTML code to copy and paste on your pages.

Other functions will instead be required to our Help Desk:

  • Insertion and change addresses streaming
  • Activation or change image covers
  • ID Troubledoubler for monetization on Itunes
  • Customizing Skins (on quote)

additional features

  • Widgets Last Songs: 5 € per month
  • Widgets Historical Songs + Last Songs: 9,90 € per month
  • Tune In Bees Support (New)

Automatically sends the artist and title tags to Tune In: € 5 per month

* Operation with the main stream in AAC + is guaranteed on all servers Shoutcast and Icecast 2 2. On Shoutcast 1 only if originating from our servers (Newradio).

** The operation of Android and guaranteed only if at least one stream to mp3.

*** N.B. The player must reside html5 to work on our systems. It comes a HTML code to insert directly on your pages. We are not provided to the client source code and files of the player. The permissible configurations are available to the user in a centralized control panel. Some of the functions vary only by our technicians and some may apply. All engine updates the player are included and automatic (no intervention is needed by the customer). At any time you can switch to a higher paying the difference. The license is valid indefinitely for traffic up to 500 simultaneous. If you expect to exceed this limit, please contact our customer service department for a custom quote.

Select the skin of your HTML5 Player

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