Desktop Player: Increase the listeners of your Radio

The new DESKTOP PLAYER, completely renovated and customized, is available to listen to the web radio with a click without connecting to the site of the radio.

Features and functions included in the standard model:

  • Windows version (With Installer simple: install only on the desktop for a possible immediate removal)
  • Mac version (Application digitally signed and safe even for Mountain Lion)
  • It works with MP3, Ogg and AAC + (in AAC + only works if the stream is its our servers)
  • Display logo Radio (square logo to the left of the titles)
  • Tiles view (if present on metatags)
  • Automatic cover art display from iTunes (on request from MBStudio or Sam Broadcaster)
  • Link viral social networks (Facebook – Twitter)


€ 5 + VAT// month

The service must be purchased for a minimum of 3 months

Purchase receive both versions: Windows and Mac / Os.

It can be a graphic personalization with quote apart.

You can add different plug-ins to the cost of 2 € + VAT each/month:

  • ADDITIONAL CHANNEL: Add a channel to the player (up to 5 channels)
  • BANNER: Management with rotation of banner ads on the player
  • PASSWORD: Enables listening to the radio just by entering a password on the player.
  • NO-LINK (15 €): Remove the link to

Wanna Try the Desktop Player ?

Sign in on our CLIENT AREA for a try of our product


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