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Detailed guidance for the first approach with your Icecast server Free.

Once you've ordered your server, the system will send you an email with the following information:

  • web address of the platform control panel
  • Username and password to access the panel.
  • password for live streaming .

STEP 1 - Preparing the Server

Connect with your control panel and click on the first blue button with 3 lines:

You'll find yourself on the main page for your server management:

From this page you will see all the data and useful links to use your server. Below you can see the buttons to start (start), stop (STOP) and reboot (restart) your server.
The 'configure' button allows you to enter in your server configuration. In fact, if you are not comfortable with the server parameters, we recommend that you do not touch anything. The server settings should already be perfect for your needs.
Remember that every time you press a key to start, restart or stop your server, the panel will take up to 60 seconds to perform the operation. A written overlay will notify you of the missing second execution of the command.

STEP 2 - On Air

In the section 'Stream Informations' of your control panel, you'll find all the information necessary for connecting to your server as the server address (host address) and port (Portbase)
The encoding program that uses (eg. MBStudio, MBRecaster, Winamp, etc.) enter the following information:

  • Server type: Icecast
  • Audio Format: Mp3 o aac+
  • Bitrate up to 96k .
  • NomeHost:port/stream (server address : server port / mountpoint name (probably will be '/stream'))
  • Password: streaming password sent by email during activation.
  • Password Statistics: the administrative password you find in 'configure your server' section of your panel. (Only for MBStudio and MBREcaster).
  • Press the connect button

Here are some configuration examples of some programs:

MBStudio / MBRecasterSAM BroadcasterNicecast (Mac)

Note for MBStudio/MBRecaster:
Anyone using one of these programs, from the 8.55.8 version you must enter in addition to streaming password, even the server admin password in the 'Statistics'. you find in 'configure your server' section of your panel..
If this field is left blank, no statistics will be shown on MBStudio / MBRecaster.

Just started the encoder your radio is on the air.


To listen to your channel and get the code for your HTML5 player, the root of your server panel click on the top page on the Tab 'Html embedded code'

Here you will find the configurator for your basic HTML5 player. You can choose the size of the player on the selector at the top.
Then on the Player click on the gears at the top right. The advanced configuration of the player will open where you can customize all the items that are present.

In the section 'Player Links' (on the left menù) in your control panel you will find the codes if you want you can publish on your pages to make listening to the radio with the integrated player in the computer as Winam, Windows media player, VLC quicktime, and many more.


The panel provides a lot of information about your service and your listening statistics.
In the top Tab 'GeoIP Statistics' you will find the list of listeners in real time (as of the moment' with their geolocation.
In Tab 'GeoIP Map' there is a real-time map that shows you where your listeners of the moment are located.
Clicking on the 'Reporting' button at the bottom you can instead access to your listening Historical statistics. From this page you can analyze the data for days, weeks and months of the listeners who listened to your radio.
Important: By clicking on the tab 'Data Transfer' you can see the traffic consumed during the current month. The free service includes a monthly traffic included 250 Gigabyte. Here you can check your traffic and decide whether it is sufficient or whether you need to bring the limit to 1 terabyte per month by purchasing the TERA PLUS option that has a cost of 15 € per year. The option, if you have not enabled on the server, you will be able to buy at any time within your customers accessing your service area Newradio Free.

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